Catherine the Great and Potemkin

Catherine the Great & Potemkin

History's greatest love story, Catherine the Great & Potemkin is a sweeping epic of sex, love, power, conquest and extravagance on a magnificent Russian scale. Not only was only was their romance wildly passionate but they were also probably the most successful political partnership of all, outstripping Antony and Cleopatra or Napoleon and Josephine.

Their secret letters, which discuss other lovers, sex, wars, politics, arts and health, are surely the most intimate and extraordinary ever written by an empress or politician. Both characters in this joint biography, based on new archives, are extraordinary: she a German princess married lovelessly at 14 to the Russian heir combined charm, passion and political genius. She ruthlessly seized power and ruled triumphantly for thirty years; he – a brilliant flamboyant politician, strategist and conqueror of wild eccentricity and debauchery. Outrageously sexual and political, he was the love of her life. They shocked Europe by taking younger lovers yet they secretly married and ruled together as best friends, and lifelong lovers.

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Angelina Jolie and her production company Jolie Pas has recently optioned film rights to Catherine the Great and Potemkin. Read more in the Guardian. and the Daily Mail.

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'One of the great love stories of history in a league with Napoleon and Josephine and Antony and Cleopatra... Excellent with dazzling mastery of detail and literary flair.'
'If you want a good racy historical read, Catherine the Great & Potemkin certainly provides it! Book of the Year'
Antonia Fraser
'This is a wonderful book'
Amanda Foreman, author of Georgiana

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